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Henry Farmers Co-op

We are owned and established by local farmers and a growing team of members. We service our communities with agronomy services, drone monitoring, bulk fuel delivery, soil management, crop production, and more. This membership elects a seven member Board of Directors who govern Henry Farmers Co-op. Besides our members, we also serve thousands of non-member patrons. Even though Henry Farmers Co-op is “Farmer Owned, Farmer Operated” you do not have to be a member or a farmer to do business with us. We serve several areas with our three locations based in Paris, TN, Cottage Grove, TN and Murray, KY.

We work for our local farmers.

Henry Farmers Co-op was established in 1948 by a group of local farmers in order to provide their farming community with a reliable source of agricultural inputs such as fertilizer, seed, and  chemical. Over 70 years later, that is still our primary goal, to serve our farmers. Although local agriculture has changed dramatically during this time, our farmers still look to us to provide the products and services needed on an everyday basis.

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