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About Us

Founded and run by local farmers, along with an expanding team of members, Henry Farmers Co-op offers a variety of services to our communities, including agronomy, drone spraying, bulk fuel delivery, soil management, and crop production. A seven-member Board of Directors, elected by our membership, governs the cooperative.


We serve not only our members but also thousands of non-member customers. Operating under the principle of "Farmer Owned, Farmer Operated," Henry Farmers Co-op welcomes anyone to use our services, regardless of membership or farming status. Our operations span multiple regions, with locations in Murray, KY, Paris, TN, and Cottage Grove, TN.


We work for our local farmers.

Henry Farmers Co-op was founded in 1948 by local farmers to supply their community with essential agricultural inputs like fertilizer, seeds, and chemicals.


More than seven decades on, our core mission remains the same: to serve our farmers. Despite the significant changes in local agriculture over the years, our farmers continue to rely on us for the daily necessities in products and services.

Our Board of Directors


Leon Rogers


Grant Norwood


Billy Hendon


Tim Hammond


Scott Whitby


Gary Story


Grant Fridy


Partner with an agronomist you can trust!

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