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Drone Spraying

Having a toolbox equipped for every scenario is incredibly useful! Our state-of-the-art agriculture drones and expert drone team serve as an additional tool in your application toolkit.

Fleet of three cutting-edge agriculture drone technology.

Now offering drones equipped with a 60-gallon tank and a generator.

Provides crop spraying, data collection, and captures aerial images.

Easily use all three spray drones at one time.

Drone Spraying_Henry Farmers Co-op

Take Farming to New Heights

Our fleet of three agricultural spray drones enables us to cover a diverse range of scenarios. These drones are adept at treating vast acreages as well as smaller, more challenging areas. We have an off-road vehicle equipped with a 60-gallon tank and a generator to allow us to get to those areas that are off the beaten path as well as a large setup that allows us to spray all three drones at one time.

The DJI Agras T-40 drone is designed to enhance precision in agricultural operations. Its 8-core processor boosts efficiency, accelerating the mapping process. This versatile aircraft is capable of mapping, spraying, and spreading, making it ideal for accessing difficult areas within your fields.


  • 10.5 Gallon tank

  • Rotary nozzles

  • 32-foot wide spray pattern

  • Autonomous route capability

  • Spreading capability

Drone Team

Jack Headshot.jpg

Jack Tearman

Chief Drone Pilot

(317) 453-1367

HFC Plot Aerial View-01.jpg

Ready to take flight?

Let us help you work smarter, not harder with our drone spraying service.

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