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Meet our Executive Leadership Team

Our Executive Leadership Team comprises of reliable and experienced professionals who strives to create a trusted atmosphere that all customers can depend on.

Kenny Kingins.jpg

Kenny Kingins

General Manager

(731) 642-1385

Zack Grogan.jpg

Zack Grogan

Midway Manager

(270) 767-0048

Jim Headshot.jpg

Jim Yeargin

Midway Warehouse Manager

(270) 767-0048

Beth Headshot.jpg

Beth Smothers

Paris Trucking Manager

(731) 642-1385 x105

Jordan Parr.jpg

Jordan Parr

Sales Manager

(731) 644-4779

Whitney Headhshot.jpg

Whitney Bridges

Marketing Manager

(270) 767-0048

Kris Moore.jpg

Kris Moore

Paris Inventory Manager

(731) 642-1385 x132

Michelle Minton.jpg

Michelle Minton


(731) 704-0067

Jack Headshot.jpg

Jack Tearman

Chief Drone Pilot

(317) 453-1367

Carol Rogers.jpg

Carol Rogers

Midway Secretary

(270) 767-0048

Bobby Washer.jpg

Bobby Washer

Cottage Grove Manager

(731) 540-4048

Eddie Travis.JPG

Eddie Travis

Paris Warehouse Manager

(731) 642-1385

Keila Krause.jpg

Keila Krause

Cottage Grove Secretary

(731) 540-4048

Join Our Team!

We're always searching for top talent in the agriculture industry. 

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