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Green Field

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Precision Agronomy

Precision agriculture can look and sound complicated, but we’re here to help. Stay on-top of the newest technologies and let us help you with these services:

  • Variable-rate, custom application of AG lime, nitrogen, and dry fertilizer.

  • Variable-rate seeding prescriptions for your planting equipment.

  • Mapping services, including grid soil sampling and micronutrients, yield mapping, field boundaries, data overlays, and more.

  • Tissue Sampling, Yield weight and Calibration, Climate Fieldview.

With a fleet of sprayers and even utilizing aircraft for your custom spraying needs, we are here for you. Our Agronomy team is waiting to hear from you about what we can do to make your season more profitable. Contact us today 

Drone Services

Work smarter, not harder. 

Our Drone services are here to make Field Scouting and Crop monitoring easier. Contact our Agronomy Team for more information.


Crop Protection

We offer a full line of products from Winfield United as well as crop protection products from all the major chemical manufacturers. Our goal is to get the right mix of crop protection products and adjuvants to ensure your crop stays healthy all season long. Whether you are looking to have a crop ground sprayed for weeds or get your cover crop terminated before planting a crop we are your one stop shop for all your spraying needs. We have a fleet of sprayers and even utilize aircraft when needed. Contact our agronomy specialists.