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Precision Agronomy

Precision agriculture can look and sound complicated, but we’re here to help. Keep informed of the latest technologies and agricultural products as you collaborate with an agronomy expert. Allow us to assist you with our extensive range of agronomy services.

Variable-rate, custom applications of Ag lime, nitrogen, and dry fertilizer.

Variable-rate seeding prescriptions for your planting equipment.

Mapping services such as: grid soil sampling and micronutrients, yield mapping, field boundaries, data overlays, and more.

Tissue sampling, yield weight and calibration, along with climate field-view.

Crop Protection

We provide a comprehensive range of products, along with crop protection solutions from leading chemical manufacturers.


The Co-op strives to deliver the perfect combination of crop protection products and adjuvants to keep your crops thriving throughout the season. Whether you need ground spraying for weed control or termination of your cover crop before planting, we are your all-in-one resource. Our equipment includes a variety of sprayers and, when necessary, we also use our drone sprayers. Contact one of our agronomy specialists today.

Crop Nutrients

HFC offers dry bulk fertilizer, ag lime, anhydrous ammonia, liquid nitrogen, micro-nutrients, in-season foliar fertilizer, and application solutions for the products we sell.

The combination of new equipment and educated personnel allow us to offer accurate and reliable variable-rate fertilizer application or traditional application. We also partner with growers who operate their own application equipment to help supply their fertilizer needs. Let us help you find a solution for your crop’s nutrient needs.

Seed Selections

We offer a full line of seed from all major seed manufacturers. Choosing the right seed for your geography and growing conditions is one of the most important decisions you will make for your farm.


Through an elite selection of seed, we want to give you the confidence that you're making the right decision. Our objective is to align optimal genetics with advanced technologies, ensuring each acre receives the most suitable variety to enhance your farm's profitability. For further details, please reach out to our agronomy team.

Agronomy Team

The objective of our Agronomy Team at Henry Farmers Co-op is to enhance your season's profitability by offering top-notch products and the newest technology.

Kenny Kingins.jpg

Kenny Kingins

General Manager

(731) 642-1385

Jordan Parr.jpg

Jordan Parr

Sales Manager

(731) 644-4779

Bobby Washer.jpg

Bobby Washer

Cottage Grove Manager

(731) 540-4048

Zack Grogan.jpg

Zack Grogan

Midway Manager

(270) 767-0048

Caleb Little.jpg

Caleb Little

Sales Agronomist

(217) 972-2207

Scott Massey.jpg

Scott Massey

Sales Agronomist

(731) 336-6087

Jay Green.jpg

Jay Green

Sales Agronomist

(270) 978-6418

Jeremiah Maynard .jpg

Jeremiah Maynard

Sales Agronomist

(731) 571-6392

Eddie Travis.JPG

Eddie Travis

Paris Warehouse Manager

(731) 642-1385

Kris Moore.jpg

Kris Moore

Warehouse Inventory Manager

(731) 642-1385

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